Increase the health of our local ecosystem

ArborEco wants to create a better, cleaner environment for the citizens of Statesville, as well as the wildlife in the area. Litter strewn about the city can have negative effects on wildlife and humans. This page will provide you with more information about the importance of litter cleanup.

Eight reasons why litter is bad

  1. Soil Contamination: some trash that eventually decomposes in the soil releases unnatural, harmful carcinogens into the soil.

  1. Water Contamination: all the chemicals used to make packaging for the litter you see on the streets can end up in local streams. This negatively impacts marine life and can increase costs of water purification in the city.

  1. Disease Carrying Pests: litter attracts disease carrying pests such as rats and other small rodents. Moist areas with litter can attract colonies of mosquitoes and bacteria and fungi.

  1. Local Economy: a city with poor waste management and excessive litter does not attract visitors and investors. A clean city can bring in more revenue to the local economy.

  1. Missed Recycling Opportunities: litter that is either purposefully or unintentionally thrown into the streets is another missed opportunity to recycle.

  1. Its Slowly Killing The Planet: we only have one planet Earth. It is our responsibility to keep it clean for ourselves, our children and the wildlife.

  1. Harmful To Wildlife: curious or hungry animals can get stuck in litter and suffocate or swallow litter which can be sharp and cut their insides causing death.

  1. Decreased Happiness: studies have shown that areas with increased litter accumulation are related to increased cases of depression and suicide. A clean city is a happy city.