ArborEco LLC

Less Trash. Better Trees.

Our Commitment

proper arboriculture services for all clients
commercial & residential litter pickup/removal

ArborEco is highly committed to creating a better environment with every job we do. We want to limit litter and improve the health of the trees in our hometown of Statesville. These two tasks can create a happier and healthier local ecosystem, increase community property values, and improve the overall happiness among citizens!

What Does ArborEco Do?

ArborEco specializes in two things:

Arbor, or Tree. Tree work and tree plantings for clients looking to increase the longevity and health of their trees. ArborEco focuses on proper pruning techniques from a young age, which can limit the need for major pruning later in the tree's life. We are also well experienced with mature tree pruning as well. Building clearance, weight reduction, thinning, and deadwood cleaning are just a few of the services we provide.

Eco, or Ecosystem. Cleaning up the local environment by providing routine litter pickup and removal services for commercial and residential clients. We offer various options for scheduled property visits to keep your property healthy and beautiful.